Best way to learn Piano – Get your Head in the Game

I getting asked all the time what is the best way to learn piano even if you have absolutely know musical ability. Well the first thing I tell them is while some have so called musical ability most don’t. Most learned how to play the piano step by step. The other thing I tell everybody is that you need to start off on the right foot with the right mindset.How Long Does it Take to Learn the Piano and How Can you Hasten the Process  | Times Square Chronicles

Most people put things off because they are scared of something in someway. Even though you might feel like you really want to learn piano deep down inside your subconscious could be saying ah it’s to hard you will never figure it out. It’s really easy to pull up Youtube and watch videos of people playing piano without even trying 初學鋼琴推薦. I encourage you to not do that. You might aspire one day to play like they do but at first you can’t think that far ahead.

With playing piano you have to take it slow, you can’t look at the big picture yet, because if you do it will seem impossible. Instead you need to get yourself mentally ready to take it slow, slow and steady. You need to tell yourself that while it will be a long journey in the end it will be worth it. Mental goal setting will play a big part in learning piano.

Here is what I mean by mental goal setting. See most people when they go about goal setting they set goals that are out of there control. So when they don’t meet there goal they get discouraged and stop trying. So instead of setting a mental goal of learning a new song every week you should instead make a goal of practicing piano at least 20 minuets per day. You see this goal is in your control. You can’t control how fast you will learn piano but you can control how much time you spend trying to learn. Make sense? Piano playing is one of the elite but expensive hobbies. Well, elite because most of the people do not have the opportunity of enrolling in a piano school. Second thing is it is expensive because hiring a piano tutor or enrolling in piano lessons are not for free and the fees are far more than going to school the whole semester.

For people who are really eager to learn the piano and whose inclination to it is incomparable, they have the drive and that determination to get themselves into a piano lesson because of their desire to learn and that it is what they really want in the first place. In the same manner, learning piano is not easy, but since they have at least an inclination to it, they will find means on how to learn faster. How do these people manage t o learn the easy and complicated things toward piano playing?

This article will be dealing more about the techniques that could help you be a very good pianist in the future. This will include proper attitude and coping mechanisms toward piano playing. Passion does not only mean you are interested to piano playing. It should also mean you have the eagerness to learn the basics, you have the tendency to do everything it takes to learn the course and you are not giving up easily. That is what passion is all about. You have the right attitude towards what you want. You don’t give up easily regardless of countless constraints.

You should also have the purpose or putting some sense on piano playing. What are you after? Do you want to pursue your dream of stepping an extra mile toward piano playing? Is it some kind of a hobby? There are some piano students who take it by heart, while some just wants to be in, or wants their parents to be proud of them. Your purpose will lead you to a heavy decision that you have to make once you know how to play the piano.

Time management is very important as well. If you are into a regular school, some offer additional classes like music playing and learning instruments. However, if you wanted to be in a more specified music school, you have to enroll outside the regular school. Time management is important because time will be the determinant of your coping mechanisms toward the learning process. If you would want the easier way of attending piano lessons while going to school, enroll online. There will be a lot of schools that is willing to accommodate you despite your hectic schedule.

These are some things that we barely realize unless we encounter it at hand. The article also dealt with coping mechanisms that will help you manage your piano lessons. Whether you go to piano lessons or do it online, you have to realize the constraints of a certain action for you to put everything in priority and to make the most out of your daily activities. It is one way of developing a sense of responsibility and time management activities.

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