How to take advantage of the position advantage in tournaments

The position advantage in a poker tournament is a very powerful tool. Knowing what others have done before it’s our turn allows us to play with information that our opponents are denied online poker game.

“In the long run, at whatever poker table you play, on average you will make more money against the player on your right and you will lose more money on the one on your left . Why is location so important? Because whoever has position has more control over the final size of the pot .

Imagine a player who has a medium strength hand on the turn, good enough to make a value bet, but needs protection without inflating the pot. He can bet small and then check behind the river. With the same hand, from out of position, you may be forced to spend more.

With position it is also easier to extract the maximum value from a strong hand . Think about when oppo raises from early, you call from middle with3 3and cutoff and button imitate you. You can’t know if the cutoff or button has something: if they do, you want to bet; if they don’t, you want to bluff and hope they hit something on the turn. Think if instead you are in position: all the others will have already acted and you will be able to decide by having more information “.

“In any form of poker, tournament, cash, sit and go, no limit, short deck and so on, the player in position will always have an advantage, due to the betting structure . In theory, the concept of positional advantage is self-evident, even just by looking at ranges.

The equity of a range is that percentage of the pot that the range itself can legitimately aspire to, while the EV is the expected amount of money that that range will earn. In a single raise pot, even in a case of even equity, the player in position will always have a higher EV “.

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