Stun Guns for Women


Immobilizers are brilliant non-deadly self preservation weapons for ladies who need to safeguard themselves against attackers or muggers. Never again are ladies restricted to the conventional manly style dark and massive stagger self preservation weapons men are probably going to convey and utilize. Among immobilizers for ladies, there are various models to look over… We will cover a portion of the highlights to search for in these electroshock gadgets for ladies.


Self preservation shock gadgets for ladies vary in highlights, appearance, variety, size, voltage, adornments and cost.


High Voltage


The main thing about immobilizers for ladies is clearly execution. They should work when utilized in a hazardous circumstance. Luckily there are daze weapons intended for ladies that produce the high voltages – – as much as 4.5 million volts – – expected to enter an assailant’s opposition and convey the 3 to 4 milliamps of current expected to bring him down.


More modest Size


By and large, ladies’ hands are more  6.5 Creedmoor ammo than men’s. Those daze gadgets intended for men will not be as agreeable to deal with for ladies. There are stagger gadgets for ladies intended for their more modest handle. They are produced with rubber treated materials that give a non-slip grasp.


Variety Options


Whenever you consider immobilizers the principal picture that rings a bell is most likely a self protection gadget that is dark in variety. In any case, ladies are presently not restricted to this one fundamental tone. Daze gadget assurance for ladies are presently accessible in the more ladylike shade of pink. Be that as it may, in light of the fact that it is pink doesn’t mean it is any less powerful in debilitating a huge assailant and permitting time to escape for help and wellbeing.


Phone and Lipstick Stun Guns


Some immobilizers for ladies don’t look like immobilizers. They are veiled as normal ordinary things ladies would convey in their handbags. To name only two models, ladies can convey counterfeit phones or lipsticks which are truly strong high voltage paralyze gadgets. An assailant won’t have a clue about what’s coming and such a shock would offer ladies a benefit.




Some might contemplate whether self protection shock weapons for ladies are protected to utilize. Paralyze gadgets for ladies incorporate wellbeing elements to forestall inadvertent release. Wellbeing on/off switches are worked in on many models. A few models have an incapacitate pin which is joined to a wrist lash worn around the wrist… On the off chance that an aggressor removes the firearm, the pin is pulled and the stagger gadget won’t work so the immobilizer can not be utilized against the person in question.


Immobilizers are powerful non-deadly self preservation weapons anybody can convey with them and use to save their life in a compromising circumstance. The


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