Ni Hao Ya’ll — A Country Boy View of Studying Business in China

I couldn’t believe that I still had energy to rise another 3 or 4 miles on the Wall after spending almost fourteen days exploring China’s earliest wats or temples, largest cities, and busiest streets — but Used to do! Five years ago, I would haven’t thought that we would be hiking on the Great Wall of China but on May 16, I boarded a aircraft heading for Shanghai for one of the most enjoyable vacations (and adventures) in my life.This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 4e6f1840-b0a1-4acf-b7a0-dc4faef8c5f2.jpg

In early Fall, a school spot came open and I had the opportunity to study in China for just two weeks. The agenda that was delivered to the school and students who would be engaging and looked pretty 출장안마 full, so i decided to stay an extra five days to explore on my own. For the past 4 years, outside of my day job as a web technologist for Eastman Chemical, I’ve taught college night courses at local colleges on topics such as Internet Commerce, Web Technologies for Education and Global Recruiting. The trip was sponsored by the Free airline Virginia Advanced schooling Center and was open to students and school from Virginia Intermont, Emory and Henry, UVA Wise, and other Tri-Cities schools to study business and culture in China, so i was eligible to go “free” not including plane tickets.

As China tries to be one of the largest capitalist economies in the world, it was an exciting time to go. Everyday I hear complaints about how fast China is growing and how everything we buy is made in China or how many jobs go overseas to China, so i felt a need to see what happens to be happening. I was pleased to see where a large percentage of our American money goes, but recognize we need to change our paradigm.

The biggest challenge that we faced as i planned for the trip was learning about the culture and trying to prepare for the unknown. George They would, trip coordinator, and the staff at the Free airline VETERANS ADMINISTRATION Higher ED Center did a great job setting up two sessions to learn about culture and language. We were introduced to many different issues with China which helped us prepare for what we were to experience. Though I’ve journeyed to countries such as Croatia, A holiday in greece, Germany, Scotland, and several others — I was totally not ready for the major cultural difference and lifestyle in China.

After the 12-14 hour flight, we landed in Shanghai which is China’s largest city and is particularly known as the center of economic development for China. My mouth dropped to the floor even as rode the tour bus to your hotel through Shanghai which is also home to the largest port city in the world. Shanghai literally means “above or out to the sea” and with a population that changes from 20-30 million everyday due to so many surrounding villagers moving to the city during work hours with hopes of finding industrial work, it was simple to grasp why the Chinese are eager to see their economy grow. Shanghai hosts over 300 of the Global Fortune 500 companies and has over 6000 foreign funded businesses.


Everyone knows that China exports a lot of stuff, but many individuals in our area didn’t know that China actually imports billions of dollars worth of chemicals, coal, computers, waste metal, and machine parts from the Tri-Cities area not only is it one of the largest buyers of chicken feet (which was a pretty popular treat all over China). China is Tennessee and Virginia’s finally largest move market. In the book, China Inc. author Ted Fishman states that China haven’t stopped growing for the past 30 years and its economy has doubled over three times over. In 2007, China sold the You. S. more than $256-billion more in goods than they bought. This spike has no equal in modern history.
One of our speakers from the You. S. Dept of Commerce in China said that 10 years ago, 70% of You. S. businesses that set up shop in China just weren’t profitable, now the figure has switched and only 30% of You. S. businesses are not successful. However, we learned that setting up a business in China is more complicated and bureaucratic than it is in the You. S. and there are certain businesses that do better than others such as hi-tech medical devices. And with their rating of 163 out of 169 in a global study of press freedom, China still filtration systems news and views from citizens whoever ideas might weaken China’s values of security, honor, and interests of the motherland.


While I was walking around around from different museums and wats or temples, I kept hearing about the “four” major Chinese pioneer technology which are paper, gunpowder, printing and the compass. I can see why these were so like to show off these since there’s no day that passes by that these aren’t employed by people everywhere over the world. It was amazing to see the A no-no City which was built from 1406 to 1420 by a million workers, the largest imperial palace buildings of the world, where 24 Chinese emperors decided China for 500 years. In addition, we saw the largest imperial garden in the world, Summer Palace, Ming Burial place, Beijing internet explorer and Acrobatics show, and the famous man made fibre market where I picked up a few Tommy Bahamas t-shirts for less than $10, copies of course.

So, why is China beating the You. S.? Asia’s economic success sets on social cosmetic foundations formed by a rebirth of old traditions focusing hard work, family cohesion, passion for learning, high savings rates, and self-displined and well-kept organizations. I’ve found that both Americans and Chinese find enormous cultural differences in each other bands culture, yet they both feel the impact of change from the other. While exploring Shanghai’s Bund area, I saw one of the largest buildings in the world, world’s largest port, and one of the most diverse economic centers in the world that shouts on buildings and signs “See China Change. inch
There were several interesting differences from North East TN that we found. Take food for example. I only found a few Western restaurants, KFC, Garlic bread Hut, and McDonalds and they were spread pretty far from each other. Chinese food is actually much like American versions of Chinese food, except they just have an overabundance types of the familiar dishes that we enjoy. Things didn’t taste as sweet or as delicious as you would have in the You. S. From the when one of our students got an ice-cream which looked pretty “fruity” on the package, yet had peas and hammer toe in it.

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