Snake Oil/Animal Totems

Have you ever had a bird fly into your home? Did you ever find yourself frustrated by a bee that only seemed interested in bothering you and no one else, even though you were in a group of people? Have you ever seen a hawk or eagle flying high above you and felt a sense of awe? Do you have an affinity for one type of animal that means something special to you? Are you uncomfortable with a specific type of animal and not even sure why they “bother” you as much as they do? Our practical, analytical minds can often come up with rationalizations for most of these and other similar questions, but our instinctive, intuitive self reminds us of something far deeper. Animals have their own personal reasons for appearing in our lives, but there are other, notable reasons why they may cross our specific path. Everything in the universe is interconnected. Truly, there are no “accidents.” Different types of animals will occasionally become guest visitors or major participants in our individual worlds, and these appearances are significant messages meant for us.Top 35 Best Romance Anime Series & Movies (Ranked) – FandomSpot

In many different cultures the influences of animals were seen through a different lens than in our current western thought เว็บดูการ์ตูนออนไลน์. Parts of animals were often used as costume and in ceremonies. Animal skins, feathers, fur, and even bones were used to invoke the power of that animal. Recreating the sound, movement and postures of certain animals were all part of an attempt to honor the animals and use their special talents and abilities. In Druid teachings, the reverence for animals and ability to see them as guides and protectors was a major component of their philosophy and way of life. The sacred animals of the Druid traditions were used in stories to convey ideas, wisdom and knowledge of both the seen and unseen elements of our world.

When we look closely at the characteristics of different types of animals, we can begin to see that they reflect elements that exist inside of us. For example, dogs clearly illustrate examples of loyalty and the urge to protect the people and property we care about. Bears represent primal power. Bear knows when to hibernate. He combines strength with intuition. Geese and ducks often mate for life. They represent the part of us that desires a partner, mate, settling down, and even raising of children. Bees represent organization and happily doing our work and life’s tasks with a sense of purpose and joy. This is just a short list of many different types of animal influences. When we are in harmony with all animals and the parts of us that they reflect, we can use their energy, wisdom and power in a most beneficial way.

Animals can also bring to light the parts of ourselves that may be out of balance. Dog can be inappropriately loyal. Sometimes dogs are still loyal to a master who is cruel and does not treat them well. Bear energy, when taken too far, can become the berzerker bear. At times we may let anger and ferocity rule our choices and cause damage to people and property. Goose can also be obnoxiously territorial. We can be possessive and demanding in our relationships. We may find ourselves hissing, honking and fussing so much that our behavior contributes to a relationship’s demise. Bee may also sting others and be annoying and aggressive. Bee energy that is out of balance is reflecting how we sometimes feel like we don’t belong in this world or are unsure of our purpose and role in life. In some respects, everything and everyone has positive and “negative” elements. The negative parts are no less valid than the positive, but this can remind us to use the more loving and balanced sides of our being as opposed to reacting from fear.

These are just a few examples of the many different animals in this world and aspects of ourselves they reflect back. Paying attention to the animals and creatures that cross our paths can be very valuable. They can remind us of the gifts and special abilities that we have developed in this life, or to begin to focus on making these attributes more available. They can also show us dysfunctional elements that we may need to look at in order to create balance and harmony internally and externally. Animals can also be tremendously valuable totems, familiars, guides and allies. We don’t have to own an animal or eat one to capture its power. We can ask for its unique spirit to guide, inspire and protect us. Through meditation and visualization we can bring the best aspects of any animal into our lives. And if you start focusing on this, don’t be surprised if they show up physically as well!

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