What is Costume Jewellery or Fashion Jewellery exactly?

For many people, obviously this can be a very obvious and tedious question because they know what Costume Jewelleries and Fashion Jewelleries are. They can be interpreted as replacements or imitations for real Gem Jewellery, precious metals like Gold, White gold or Sterling Silver with much cheaper prices and at a fraction of costs compared to real ones and therefore the quality of costume/fashion Jewellery is far less inferior than those of real ones called Fine Jewellery, but not so these days.Mahalakshmi Jewellers, Vijayanagar - Jewellery Showrooms in Bangalore -  Justdial

One may say that the Jewellery has very long history e.g. gold from Egypt as long ago as 3000 BC and from Greece 1400 BC where they have developed to adorn their personal lifestyle as well as showing off their status and well being in the surrounding society. Then, we have Roman Days and Italian Eras buy gold in dubai, French Fashion, England and suffice to say the actual fashion came from mostly from Europe and spread through America. Thence, from the 1940s with American Hollywood influence on Europe served big changes in peoples fashion styles and trends and quickly spread back to Europe.

This is when Costume Jewellery really became popular and loved by people because of their quality and diversity. Jewellers like Swarovski, Bvlgari, Christian Dior, Chanel and Tiffany just to name few, have developed and mixed using both natural and man made materials to create fashionable personal adornments with high quality where people can easily and most importantly, afford to coordinate their clothing and life styles.

Seasons change. Fashion changes. So does the styles and accessories. But one thing has always remain constant – our love for jewellery. Come fall, come spring, the styles and trends of jewellery may have changed. Various elements or materials have ruled different times and different seasons; some have successfully made a comeback like gemstone jewellery, and some have always been around like gold, silver and beads. Sometimes, the trend is brought on by new inventions, and sometimes the credit goes to the various fashion designers around the world.

Jewellery has never been restricted to one gender. Both genders have equally loved wearing jewellery right from the start of human evolution. With time, this love for jewellery has evolved along with human development and evolution of jewellery. Today, we have men donning and flaunting neck chains, rings and bracelets. Men flaunt different kinds of bracelets and pendants that best express them or their mood.

Jewellery has never been restricted to any particular strata of the society or any particular clan or tribe. Everyone loves wearing jewellery and everyone has their own set of trinkets for different kinds of occasion. Even the tribal communities have their own kind of jewellery, which are most of the times made by themselves and, therefore, are closer to nature. On second thought, some people, though they belong to different strata of the social hierarchy, prefer tribal jewellery as these ornaments have a very ethnic touch.

Apart from tribal jewellery, people prefer jewellery of other materials such as beads, pearls, gold,, silver, platinum etc. The list is endless. In fact, it is not what material the jewellery is made of; rather, it is about what goes best with your personality, the surroundings you are in, your social status and the occasion you are part of.

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